Have you ever gotten that itch? Itching to go somewhere you’ve never been before. Itching to explore and be wowed by something breathtaking. Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget how important it is to see and learn new things. To touch, smell and taste something so amazing that it gives our body a shock.

How often do you go on a spontaneous journey to discover the unknown? How often do you allow your curiosity to feed into the mystery and decide that no matter what you find, the trip will be worth it? Break that everyday routine, step outside of your box and travel by yourself. When you arrive at the new scenery, you must savor the moment. No cell phones, no cameras! Inhale the air and look around. Get the experience.

Traveling is something I must do. It’s a stress reliever to me. It takes my mind away from the chaos that we call life. The adventure of it all is my life support.