Foreclosure Relationship

Published on Blogger February 4, 2011

After the long search, the time has finally come for you to invest in a relationship. You have saved up so much love to put into that special bond and you’re excited. After the celebration with family and friends, you get settled in and you’ve developed into a normal proprietor. When it needs fixing, you repair it. When you’re unsure about how to manage it, you seek advice. Then a hard case of reality hits like the bad economy and you feel like you’re in a lose-lose situation. Your savings account in your love bank is low and you realize you can’t afford to keep withdrawing from it because you won’t have anything left. Should you stay and keep investing, and risk the chance of an overdrawn account and bad credit or should you walk away?

I don’t know everything, but I do know this—it takes BOTH parties to put in the effort to save the relationship. Both parties have to fight for it in order to save it. Sometimes you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do, such as counseling, find different ways to communicate, or possibly take some time out to evaluate yourself because that could be the root of the problem. After you sought out every opportunity to restore the relationship and NOTHING worked, then maybe it is best to just take it as a lost and a lesson learned. Don’t string it along because you’re worried about what others might say, or you don’t want to be a statistic, or you’re afraid to be alone, or because you have kids—catch my drift?


  1. Kaylin

    Your thnnikig matches mine – great minds think alike!


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