Fighting Demons

Published on Blogger January 27, 2011


One of the hardest things for people to do is forgive. In God’s eyes, we are supposed to forgive and forget but that rarely happens with us. Think about it, that’s why families are destroyed, why some people murder and it can even go as far as the wars. I believe that there are different levels of forgiveness and this is what I came up with.

The first level of forgiveness is when something so minor happens that you brush it off immediately. For an example, like a baby spilling milk on the floor, minutes later you are not going to still be bothered that you had to clean it up because that’s what babies do. The second level of forgiveness is when something happens and you actually forget about it later. A friend of mine said something offensive during an argument but she apologized and we laughed about it afterward. I only think about it when someone brings it up. Other than that, its old news and I think nothing of it. The third level of forgiveness is when something happens that is so painful that you can never forget it. You may remember it out of cautiousness or it’s just implanted on your brain. You can forgive but you can’t forget. I seen a story on Oprah about a woman whose children were murdered by her ex and she actually forgave him. Although she can never forget, she chose to forgive. That is amazing! It takes me a while to forgive the idiot that put a scratch on my car or the %!?@# that cut me off in traffic.

The ironic thing about forgiveness is that it actually helps us. Life is too short to have heart attacks, strokes and constant stress because we can’t forgive someone. Let it go and move on the best you can.