By ArtB. Zucchini has been my life saver when I tried a no-to-low carb diet for a month.

By ArtB. Whether it's a business meeting or brunch with a colleague, I always seem to forget something.

I Am A Superwoman Radio

Tina Hobson from I Am A Superwoman Radio interviews Shadress Denise and ArtB.

Book Reviews

Published on Blogger September 9, 2013   Between Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey¬† This book is about a writer who is not over his ex-fiance after she dumps him at the altar and he tries to win her over except that there is someone else in the picture, her female lover.

Start Walking!

Published on Blogger March 13, 2013   Are you dreading it? You know, taking the first step down the path you've been procrastinating to take.

Foreclosure Relationship

Published on Blogger February 4, 2011

Are There Different Levels of Forgiveness?

Published on Blogger September 9, 2009 One of the hardest things for people to do is forgive.

Fighting Demons

Published on Blogger January 27, 2011


Published on Blogger April 23, 2013   I am in the process of revamping my career.