Photo taken by Elaine’s Studio

ArtB. was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Her love for storytelling and writing began when she was very young. She knew that it was a gift that she had to share with the world. When she attended Henry Ford High School in Detroit, she had her chance.  ArtB. joined the yearbook and newspaper staff as a writer and photographer and she absolutely loved it. Her debut article “What Makes a Girl a Lady,” stirred a controversy but the fan mail she received for her articles encouraged her to continue writing. Her family and church family constantly motivated her to move forward which led to the publishing of two poems “To a Missing Father” and “Circus Dancer.” She later received the Journalism Star Award presented by Detroit Free Press and Ford Motor Company for her outstanding work with the school newspaper.

She reached for higher learning when she attended Oakland University in Rochester, MI. Before graduating with a B.A. degree in Journalism, she wrote and published two more poems, “My Love For Thee” and “Ode to College Students”.

Entrepreneurship is extremely important to her as well. She and a colleague founded an online fashion magazine name Fashion Crave where she was a columnist, editor, and a part of the marketing team. After its two year run,  ArtB. stepped down from her position, moved to Texas and became a military wife. Shortly after her union, she began writing her first novel Shattered Marbles.  Suddenly after months of working on the book, she was hit with a major writer’s block but during that time she was blessed with twins. As she was grasping the nature of motherhood, she took a short hiatus from writing.

When her family was stationed in the state of Washington, she began writing again. Halfway through the writing of her book, she started a YouTube channel and created a show catered to military wives name Military Wives W.K.I.R. TV.  She continued to challenge herself and started an event planning business on Whidbey Island name E.M.P.R.E.S.S. Network (Entrepreneurs Marketing, Producing, Rejuvenating, Educating, and Striving for Success). The events were created to connect and network with other Entrepreneurs and locals in the city. Her company’s highest accomplishment was when she had the honor to work with the Mayor of Oak Harbor for one of her events.

ArtB. is a person who can never be put in a box. Driven by determination and creativity, she constantly pushes the bar for herself. Her passion is exploring and adventure. Her purpose is to inspire others.